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Anomalus Anexx is a band based in Columbia, SC that really has no set genre, although it can be said that they do a mixture of Industrial, Alternative, Metal, and New Age.  

The only member at present is Philip Oliver-Paull, a computer science major at the University of South Carolina.  Since he is the only member, he contributes pretty much everything:  guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, vocals, percussion, and duct tape.  His musical career started when he joined the school band at age eleven, where he learned how to play trumpet and, in his spare time, wrote classical ensembles for brass instruments.  When he went to college, he realized that trumpet was not really an option in a dormitory, so when his brother gave him an old guitar, Philip began recording with it after a week and pretty much hasn't stopped.  Side projects of Philip include the mysterious Industrial band Dismembered Member, to which his contributions are as mysterious as the music itself, and the noisecore band Ground Chuck, where he provides blood-curdling vocals.


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