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A Temporary End

I am lost at the end.
Confusion ensues again.
There were things that I never got to say;
Now I'll have to wait.
It's a temporary end,
Then things will start again.
But they may not be the same.
Time will not bend.

The Future

The moment is all that you think about.
You never ponder the possibilities of how
You will will live the next day and the ones after that.
Subsequently, your life is full of crap
And the future is nothing but the past.
There is nothing to look forward to
Except the fucking pile-up of the crap.


No matter what I try I'm always alone.
From my point of view, love is an unknown.
If I could find a way to rid myself of loneliness,
I would not spend so much time at home.

No matter what I do, it will not go away.
The pain in my heart has decided it will stay.
If I could find a way to rid myself of loneliness,
All the pain would simply die away.

A Permanent Beginning

If you want to know, you're going to have to play the track backwards...

© 2001 Anomalus Anexx