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The new and improved meatboxrecords sampler #1 will hopefully include a remix of Loneliness, entitled Simply Dying Away.  It shall be out whenever Tob, the meatboxguy, says it is so, which right now appears to be October 22.

All the songs, cover art, etc. are approved on, so the album is now officially for sale there.  I didn't want it to cost so much, but the price is $7.99 USD.  If you know Philip personally, he can make you a CD for much less (probably $4.00). 

The official release date for Groovy As will now be August 28...that's two days from now.  This simply means that there is a master disc with some sort of cover art for the jewel case.  If you want to order the album and you don't know Philip, then your best bet is to buy it from once all the songs are approved, which will probably be in about a week. 

Anomalus Anexx is back in the 29225 top ten, although that may not last for long.  Anyway, an update is definitely in order, considering the last post was almost three weeks ago.  Regret has been totally rerecorded, seeing as most of the original music was recorded while Philip had only played guitar for about a week beforehand.  There is a lot less unintentional distortion, and it basically sounds 100 percent more musical. 

The band is still working on A Temporary End, which has changed yet again.  It is proving to be extremely unsatisfactory no matter what is done to it, which is why all the guitar parts are being redone, and the music rearranged.  Needless to say, the whole thing is quite an annoyance, and the final version had better be some wonderful material.

The band is also working on a new piece entitled Loneliness, which will not be released until the album is released.  In fact, no more songs will be released until Meat Box releases the album, apart from the final versions of the songs that have already been released.  The album, which will be entitled "Groovy as F**k" is tenatively set to be released on August 21.  Ordering info will be provided later.

The #1 position didn't last very long, but it was fun while it lasted (a whole of three days or so).  The first ones to jump ahead were Love Apple, who, as I said before, blow.  

Currently, the band is still working on A Temporary End, which has now changed form quite a lot.  It will have a completely different feel than the original, and it will have different lyrics.  The updated instrumental version should be on the page in a few days.

Anomalus Anexx currently has the #1 song in the 29225 zip code on, surpassing Fling (who blow), Love Apple (who also blow), Timmy Orangeburg, Blackbeard's Truck, Urinal Cake Mafia, a couple of DJ's (who blow), and fellow Meat Box band Ground Chuck.

Once again, this site has changed is too slow.  Instead, it is now in a subdirectory of Meat Box Records' website.

After the webmaster thought that he had figured out what had happened, he tried uploading the site under a different email address.  Again, Tripod deleted the site, to the webmaster's puzzlement.  Needless, to say, he was not happy about this.  So, he has decided to exclude the mp3's and just let house them.  This time, the webmaster is not going with Tripod.  He is instead using, partnered with the ever-dependable  Hopefully, this incarnation of the site should last for more than a few hours.

After the webmaster uploaded the mp3's on this site, Tripod decided that he had not followed their terms of service and subsequently deleted the site.

This site was created for the betterment of mankind. 

In the week preceding the making of this site, Philip was the most prolific he had ever been.  He realized how easy it was to write music, and did so with ease.  He now has one finished piece and a lot of unfinished pieces.  The finished piece, entitled "The Present/The Future" is the debut of Philip's serious vocal career.

Anomalus Anexx was born amidst the creative toils of Philip's brain.  Other names in consideration included Utensil, Nine Inch Bolts, Ground Round, Disfigured Figure, Dead Community Firearm, and Lousy Ass Wipe.


© 2001 Anomalus Anexx