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meat box news:

10 19 01

1.  the toilet project begins.  email us with pictures of your toilets, or, if you are in south carolina, donate your 
     used toilet!  we will put it to good use!

10 02 01    

1.  the tentative release date for the sampler will be set for October 22 
  preliminary tracklist    cover art preview
2.  dismembered member may substitute a new track for the outtake "the gaping wound..."
3.  there will probably be a remix of one anomalus anexx song
4.  ground chuck is attempting to plan a show for sometime soon......maybe in a week or two.  the best 
     case scenario would drop it sometime sunday afternoon.....hopefully.....

09 27 01

1.  the meatbox records sampler tracklist is being modified before the next batch goes out, due to the addition
    of the NUGS material....
2.  the anomalus anexx cd "groovy as...." is out.  get it.
3.  anomalus anexx is working on a remix/experimental/live disc
4.  dismembered member is nearing completion on yet another song
5.  i am going to update this site more often