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A Temporary End

I am lost in the frustration of knowing
That a world of happiness is ending.
There are still so many loose ends
I never thought would need tying.
So many words I never said.
(Surely there was someone who would listen.)
So much love I never gave.
(Surely there was someone who would want it.)

It is a temporary end
to a time I did not spend
the way I thought it should have been.

Although the end is temporary
And there is a brand new world around the corner,
There is no one to assure me
That things will be just as they were.
It will not be the same.
(Surely it cannot be the same.)
It will never be the same.
(Nothing escapes the change of time.)

The Future

The moment is all that you think about.
You never ponder the possibilities of how
You will will live the next day and the ones after that.
Subsequently, your life is full of crap
And the future is nothing but the past.
There is nothing to look forward to
Except the fucking pile-up of the crap.


© 2001 Anomalus Anexx